Jeff Parkinson

Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals




Jeff Parkinson has been playing Bass in various recorded and live projects over the last 19 years. He has played in live acts such as Subject To Change, Peace, Vent, Chicken Picasso, and Szeryk. Jeff is an extremely versatile player with a specialization in slap/pop technique. He can play any style of music but really enjoys working on original music the most. Jeff is best known, however, for his unbelievable Bass tone achieved from many years of trial and error as well as his discriminating taste in bass equipment and gear. Jeff also runs his own Bass Guitar teaching business ‘Jeff Parkinson Bass Guitar Instruction’ which has been successful for a few years now.

Jeff began playing Bass Guitar 19 years ago after hearing Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Since then he has also been influenced by Geddy Lee, Mark King, Sting, Flea, Chris Squire as well as many others. Jeff and Christian Gundlack composed the musical score to ‘Animal Farm’ in 2002, which was a black light puppet play that Christian directed. A few years later, Christian and Jeff decided to outdo all of their previous composition efforts and they co-founded Zopiclone. They are now committed to the completion of ‘Marble sky’. to be released in 2006.