Greg Lirette

Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals




Greg has been a musician and entertainer for almost two decades, and has played over three thousand shows performing various styles of music. Press, The Guyz and The Pro Wallys are a few of the acts that have made him well known on hte London scene. In addition to his performances, Greg is a guitar teacher and runs a project studio (Garage Mahal Studios) where he does music production for other artists.

Having jammed together in a highschool band, there has been almost a twenty-year gap since Jeff and Greg last played together. According to Greg, "A bass player of Jeff's calibre is hard to find. It's great to be back in high-shool again."

Greg is honoured to play with Christian, an enormously talented musician. "I also love playing with someone who has a little less hair than I have."

Working with Duke "The Clock" Thornley has been a great experience. "It's taken me this long to find a drummer with perfect timing...and he's dreamy. Sorry girls, he's married."

Zopiclone has been an excellent fit for Greg, a band going places. He's happy they're taking him with them.