Christian Gundlack

Vocals, Keyboards and Trombone




A renaissance man of seemingly limitless energy, Christian provides lead vocals and "whatever" for Zopiclone. His highschool love-affair with the trombone led him to a Bachelor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Western Ontario, where he honed his composition and performance skills. During that time, he helped keep food on his table by acting with Mystery Unlimited's dinner theatre troupe. In the following years, he fronted London bands "The iD" and "Chicken Picasso", where he worked with Duke and Jeff, respectively.

Ever hungry for new experiences, Christian wrote and produced George Orwell's Animal Farm: A Prog-Rock Puppet Play in black-light, with a heavy-duty soundtrack co-written by Jeff, and performed in the London Fringe Theatre Festival.

Co-writing with Jeff has been a great experience for Christian. Coming from different musical backgrounds, their styles meld in an exciting new sound, integrating jazz, funk, rock, folk and classical sounds. Christian is energized and honoured by the musicianship and commitment of Jeff, Greg and Duke. His best description: Playing with these cats is like sitting in an easy chair mounted to a rocket.

Beyond music, Christian continues to be a competitive long-distance runner. He enjoys hiking and training with his beautiful (and understanding) wife Karen. When time permits, Christian continues to appear with local sketch-comedy troupes Sector 7G and Channel Surfing.